Multidisciplinary Research



Conference 2018

1 Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Depression Dr. Michael STEVENS Psychotherapy
2 Problem Oriented Therapy or Solution Oriented Therapy? Where Do We Meet Our Client in an Authentic Way? Dr. Cristian VASILE Psychotherapy
3 Personality Disorders Psychotherapy Dr. Alina DECSEI-RADU Psychotherapy
4 Health and Well-Being Support Programs Within Transport Organisations Dr. Roxana ALDEA-CAPOTESCU, dr. Corina DOROGA Traffic psychology
5 Safety Strategies Optimisation in Transports Using the Active Enrolment of the Community Dr. Corina DOROGA, dr. Roxana ALDEA-CAPOTESCU Traffic psychology
6 The Evaluation of Personality Disorders Dr. Alina DECSEI-RADU Clinical psychology
7 Managing emotions in clinical evaluation process Dr. Corina ZAHARIA Clinical psychology
8 Independence vs. Dependence in the Profession of a Paid Psychologist. Implications Within the National Security Domain. Dr. Edmond Cracsner Military psychology
9 Guns Perception and Use: Work Instrument/ Necessary Evil/ Hobby? Implications Regarding Psychological Evaluation Activities Dr. Marius MILCU Military psychology
10 Psychopadagogical Parental Counselling: Methods and Techniques (Preadolescence) Dr. Valeria Ecaterina PURCIA, dr. Maria RADU Educational psychology
11 The Prevention of Drug Use Regarding Children and Adolescents - From Theory to Practice Dr. Valeria Ecaterina PURCIA, dr. Maria RADU Educational psychology
12 Psychoeducational Evaluation and Intervention Regarding Pupils with special needs Cristina BLEOȚIU, dr. Nicoleta ADET Special psychopedagogy
13 Curricular Projection in an Inclusive Context. Implications and Influences Regarding Professors and Pupils Dr. Nicoleta ADET, Cristina BLEOȚIU Special psychopedagogy
14 Personnel Evaluation Methods and Techniques Within Organisations Dr. Mihaela RUS, dr. Mihaela Luminița SANDU Work / organizational psychology
15 The Role of the Psychological Evaluation Regarding Personnel Selection. Dr. Mihaela RUS, Silvia PETROV Work / organizational psychology
16 Modern Development Methods of Performant Groups - Good Practice Examples Drd. Ilie GRĂDINARU, dr. Ciprian RĂULEA Work / organizational psychology
17 Vigilance and Multitasking Within Organisations Adrian BRATE, Mihaela STOICA Work / organizational psychology
18 Towards a New Criminalistic Expertize Model Within the “Simulated Behavior Detection (polygraph)” KISS Csaba Polygraph / forensic psychology
19 Essential references within psychology’s scientific quantitative research. Implications within the practician psychologist’s practice Petru Mădălin CONSTANTINESCU, Marius MILCU All
20 Quantitative vs. Qualitative within applied psychology. Research vs. Interventions within the practician psychologist’s activity Marius MILCU, Petru Mădălin CONSTANTINESCU All